by char esme

made of: old t-shirts, yarn, fabric paint, stickers, beads (hand sewn)

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PJ Harvey at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

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So much love for trashy fairground ghost trains. #africaoye #ghosttrains #freddiekrueger


Roland Topor poster illustration for Fellini’s Casanova, 1975

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"in the season eight finale, larry accuses NY neighbour michael j. fox of harassment”

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Anonymous said: You mean only vegans have the right to campaign about ending animal cruelty? Way to go coming off as a classist.


What about that assertion is classist? Your implication that vegan = middle class however, is classist. I am militantly working class, and ate very little meat even before I become vegan, because we could not afford it. The most impoverished people in the world eat plant based diets, meat is a luxury, it is only comparatively cheap in the west because we subsidise it to a ridiculous degree.

I am not convinced that you understand what classism is? Veganism is not a class. I am simply stating that you cannot campaign for animals to have rights, while simultaneously believing they do not have the right to be alive, the right for self-determination or the right to decide what is done with their own bodies. 98% of animals who are victims of abuse, are abused by the meat, dairy and egg industries… So are you just advocating for the remaining 2% to be treated well? 

I cannot legitimately advocate for women’s rights, while simultaneously engaging in misogynistic and sexist behaviour. I cannot campaign against animal cruelty, while living a lifestyle that promotes, funds and requires animal cruelty. The two positions are wholly incompatible.