We’re dedicating the next month on Clarissa Explains Fuck All to exploring the endurance of Stalker narratives within pop culture. From voyeuristic cinematography, ‘bunny boilers’ and rom-coms gone wrong to those age old psycho killers in bad costumes who just plain hate women. We’re asking why we’re all still so obsessed with unhealthy obsession?

Here’s a taster from my article about THE best Stalker Rom-Com of all time: While You Were Sleeping: http://clarissaexplainsfuckall.com/2014/08/28/in-retrospect-while-you-were-sleeping-is-the-best-stalker-rom-com-of-all-time/


Sophie CalleDouble blind / No sex last night, 1992

(Source: cavetocanvas.com)


Jean Tinguely, Homage to New York, 1960

A kinetic sculpture whose only purpose was to eventually destroy itself. 


'Supersize Me' Lily McMenamy by Blommers+Schumm
Dazed Magazine Fall 2014

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